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Our Alpaca are sure to steal your heart! Bred for quality, density and luster, our fiber is beautiful.
Alpaca is eco friendly and hypoallergenic. Everything is created in our studio or at a local mill.
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Welcome to Brigadoon fiber farms. We are a small family farm that raises quality fiber from our small herd of alpaca and sheep. Raised for superior fiber, we offer a range of products in our small farm store including yarns, hand woven apparel, knit apparel, roving and fiber for hand spinning, local produce and other local artisans product. Discover the beauty and eco friendly traits of Alpaca. Go home with your very own piece of our farm – perfect for Christmas shopping or spoiling yourself.

Shipping Policy

We ship within 5 days of purchase. Our aim and what we usually do is 2 days. However, we are a working farm and occasionally things take our time like lambing, birthing, injuries or haying. Thanks for your understanding.

Return Policy

All returns must be processed within 14 days of purchase.

All fiber comes from our animals or local farms. All fiber is harvested ethically. Our animals are under our care and we do our utmost to ensure their comfort and health.

All dyes are eco friendly and heavy metal free. We also occasionally use natural dyes.

Angus is our Great Pyranees guard dog that protects the animals from predators.

We have 2 little boys that help run the farm. Our youngest was born on the farm and the only one of the family entirely accepted by the alpacas.

All our animals have names and we love them all very much!

All products are hand crafted in our studio. Some fiber is sent to a local mill to be spun, and returns for hand painting.

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